JAN 26th 2022

Ethan Jupp

Interview: Gordon Murray on racing the T.50 at Le Mans

We’re on the eve of Gordon Murray Automotive giving us a fresh insight into what it originally called ‘Project 2’ and is now widely known to be the T.33. This sibling supercar to the 12,000rpm-revving V12 T.50 will follow the same principles of lightweighting and a prioritisation of driving joy in a more accessible package. Looking forward to that got us thinking back to when we sat down with Professor Gordon Murray himself, at the 78th Members’ Meeting in October. 20 minutes with a man so busy with his admiring customers was no small task to secure.

Murray touches on the imminent arrival of the T.33, the nitty-gritty of getting the T.50 ready to go and what it was like seeing people’s reaction to his supercar sequel to the F1, as it ran flat-out on track for the first time. With a mind like Murray’s that you just want to pick at, it’s easy to deviate, so we also spiral off onto Alpine, F1 and sportscar racing. Here’s that conversation, more or less in full, as we prepare to feast our eyes on what he’s cooking up next.


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