Video: GMA T.50s and T.33 make world dynamic debuts at Goodwood

13th April 2024
Ethan Jupp

The 81st Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport is well underway and one of the big moments from today is the global debut of not one, but two GMA supercars. Prototypes of both the T.50s track-only hypercar and the test mule for the hotly-anticipated T.33 supercar have gone out on track and delivered us a 10,000rpm+ V12 duet. The T.33 led the pair out, with the T50S joining shortly after to make sure that the sound of Cosworth V12s could be heard all over the Motor Circuit.

Isn’t the T.33 pretty, too? Gordon Murray has been very clear about how his company’s sophomore supercar, the T.33, is inspired by the great sportscar and sports racer beauties of the 1960s.

See cars from the De Tomato Vallelunga, to the Porsche 904, to the Abarth OT 2000 Periscopio. We’re now familiar with the static prototype and of course, we had the T.33 Spyder reveal at last year's 80th Members' Meeting, but seeing the first coupe – the prototype’s name is James – on track in motion gives its timeless form new life.

If the T.33 is the GMA formula distilled into a timeless super sportscar designed to be the ultimate road driving machine, the T.50S is from the other end of the scale. That GMA Cosworth V12 has been totally overhauled specifically for track work and hanging out high up in the revs, with the Variable Valve Timing removed along with all the emissions compliance hardware.

It’s also clothed in downforce-generating aero addenda, with the fan tuned for maximum performance. In fact, the downforce they managed to create was so great they had to actually peg it back a bit to make sure the car is still enjoyable to drive. This really is the T.50 unplugged and it sounds and looks utterly astonishing.

While 100 examples of the other road-going GMA’s will be made, just 25 T.50Ss will be built, each named after a race a Gordon Murray car won. All but the final 25th car will be grand prix wins, with the last of course being Le Mans 1995.

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