MAR 14th 2022

James King

Six motorsport meltdowns

When it comes to driver etiquette on the public roads, the general public can leave a lot to be desired, cause a lot of frustration amongst other road users. Even the slightest mistake, such as leaving it until after they’ve almost turned to indicate or sitting in the inside lane at 45mph, can lead to bottled up anger being unleashed in a blinding rage. This is usually contained within the metal box they’re driving and the completely oblivious guilty party will never know the suffering they’ve caused.

In in the world of racing, however, those little mistakes can much more significant consequences. Instead of making someone brake a little earlier than they’d expect to, they end up forcing them into a tyre barrier at 150mph. This intensity the drivers deal with at all times means that when there is an altercation, the rage often manifests itself physically rather than a few choice words. We shouldn’t say these are our favourite motoring meltdowns, but we’ve put together a list of some of the most incredible times a driver has snapped and thrown racing respect out of the window.


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