OCT 25th 2022

James King

The 9 best F1 moustaches

Growing a moustache is easy for some men (and my nan). In the testosterone filled sport of F1, you’d expect to see moustaches left, right and centre, but they aren’t the regular feature you’d expect. Maybe it’s the commitment to being as streamlined as possible, maybe a soup strainer whilst driving at 200mph isn’t a distraction an F1 driver needs, but it’s probably that the combination of being an F1 driver and having a thick ‘tache makes them irresistible to pretty much everyone they meet. No-one can handle that level of adoration.

However, there are a handful of very successful drivers who’ve braved the top lip welcome mat, and some… with less success. With the important Movember campaign approaching, let me take you on a guided tour of the rather niche world of the best Formula 1 moustaches.


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