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OPINION: It’s time for F1 to ditch tyre warmers

Video: How do F1 pitstops differ to other forms of motorsport?

For the majority of us, we will be most familiar with the Formula 1 pitstop. Transforming over the years as it has – after the refuelling ban of 2010 in particular – some of the sharper tyre changes of recent times have been cut to under two seconds. This, of course, is the pinnacle of a science that has been perfected over decades. But how do pitstops in F1 compare to other motorsports? The new Formula E generation brings with it a solution to the comical car change that battery limitations necessitated. NASCAR and Indy have their own set of rules and regulations in place for pitlane etiquette as do the various Endurance series. Luckily, our friends at WTF1 put together this comparison video that explains all things pitstop.

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