Video: The 6 best race tracks for F1 cars

11th November 2022
Ethan Jupp

We’re living in an incredible era of Formula 1. Much as many lament the loss of the V10 and V8 screamers, these hybrid V6 turbo powerplants are extraordinarily powerful, versatile and technically complex. Their performance is reflected in the platforms in which they’re mounted, which use some of the most sophisticated materials and techniques of airflow manipulation yet seen. This year, they’re simplified, though the rules now emphasise the weaponisation of their underfloor, perhaps the most potential-laden surface in motorsport aerodynamics.

They are large though, and heavy, and some circuits suit them better than others. In spite of their prodigious speed, excitement is never a given. So which circuits do actually suit these monsters? Here’s six we think do.

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  • Spa

  • Interlagos

  • Sepang

  • Silverstone

  • Monza


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