Video: This is what it's like to lap Monaco in the new F1 2020 game – FOS Future Lab

21st May 2020
Ben Miles

Welcome to Monaco for first practice for the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix. This is the 78th running of this famous race, and with four rounds down in the 2020 Formula 1 championship it could be a make or break weekend for Lewis Hamilton.

Those are the words you should have heard today (May 21st) from the mouth of David Croft (or whoever commentates in your region) as the Monaco GP weekend got going. But, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, you won’t hear anything of the sort. So instead we have to find some alternatives.

Fortunately, the team at Codemasters are busy working away on the finishing touches to the latest official F1 game – the first to come out before the season it represents has begun – so we do have some Monaco-based content to enjoy.

This is what the latest digital version of the principality looks like, from the wheel of Pierre Gasly’s stunning-liveried AlphaTauri AT01. While this is a work in progress, as mentioned at the top of the screen, it’s clear that Codemasters’ graphics are once again absolutely on point – at times it’s hard to tell this is a game rather than the real thing.

It’s just a single lap sprint around Monaco, but it’s really making us want to play the game now, rather than waiting for its July release date.

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Video: This is what it's like to lap Monaco in the new F1 2020 game – FOS Future Lab

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