Video: Road Atlanta's paddocks can be amazingly beautiful

22nd April 2017
Ben Miles

Paddocks at American motorsport events could not be more different to the atmosphere we're used to the other side of the pond if they tried. Here at Road Atlanta you'll find no big paddock buildings, no permanent garages for teams to hide their machines away in, and no one stopping specatators from going wherever they want.

It's the closest motorsport really comes to being egalitarian and we at GRR wanted to celebrate that difference and relaxed style in the only way we know – by making a short video to convey as much of that atmosphere to you as we could.

There's no need to say much more about it, here's some stunning slow motion shots of those cars inside their wonderfully unsophisticated paddock awnings, looking just as beautiful as they day they were made. We hope this shows you just how cool the events put together by Historic Sportscar Racing are.

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