Video: Onboard low-drag E-Type at Goodwood

03rd August 2020
Laura Thomson

Show us a more beautiful racer than this low drag Jag – we’ll wait…

The original Low Drag Coupé was designed in 1962, when the E-Type design was modified in the spirit of the D-Type racer, with a lightweight aluminium body, stripped back interior, cooling ducts and an up-tuned version of the 3.8-litre engine.

While only one of the original Low Drag Coupés were ever built, a handful of replicas have materialised over the past demi-century, with this example, built by Valley Motorsport in North Wales, a brilliant example. The exact replica of 49 FXN took part in the Graham Hill Trophy at the 73rd Members’ Meeting back in March 2015, with Alasdair McCaig and Mike Wrigley sharing the drive.

Here we see experienced racer McCaig behind the wheel during testing, sliding the accomplished machine around the 3.8km circuit with style, its straight-six singing sonorously.

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Video: Onboard low-drag E-Type at Goodwood

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