MAR 13th 2015

Firing on... SIX! Beautiful Jaguar E‑Type Low Drag Recreation

As the 73rd Members’ Meeting fast approaches, competitors have been bringing their machines to Goodwood for some last minute testing on the circuit. There was no shortage of fine historic automobiles at the most recent shake-down, but we reckon this svelte Jaguar E-Type Low Drag recreation is worth the ‘Firing on..’ treatment.


The original one-off car, 49FXN, featured on GRR in our mega gallery, and was designed by genius aerodynamicist Dr Samir Klat. That he was consulted during the production of this recreation’s bodywork by RS Panels is evidence of a thorough attention to detail. That he approved of the final build by Valley Motorsport in 2011 is proof that this car is as good a copy as you’ll ever see.

The car will compete in the Graham Hill Trophy at 73MM, piloted by Ecurie Ecosse GT driver Alasdair McCaig. If his performance in testing is anything to go by, we can expect to see 13FXN finishing very near, if not on, the podium…

Video: Sam Hanson

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