Race ,Historic
JAN 31st 2022

Ethan Jupp

Why Ford’s CEO races a GT40

The Goodwood Revival is a place that bends reality. To all appearances, it’s a portal that goes back seven decades to a time of racing and revels. So meeting up with Ford CEO Jim Farley for a chat here doesn’t, at least at first, yield shop talk of how he plans to steer one of the world’s biggest carmakers into the new electrified era. It starts with talk of racing his Ford GT40 and how he uses historic motorsport to unwind from the highly-strung life at the top of the automotive corporate world. Don’t worry, we get there, with hints and teases at everything from a Fiesta RS, to a new Supervan, to how he wants the Mustang to live forever…

For a man with billions of dollars and the stock values of the Blue Oval riding on his shoulders, he’s as relaxed and chilled-out as they come, even down to his handshake. Someone at the top, with nothing to prove, only a job to do.


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