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MAR 24th 2023

Simon Ostler

The seven best Renault F1 liveries

Renault has one heck of a history in Formula 1. Since first arriving in the sport as an enthusiastic car manufacturer keen to stir the pot by building and racing the first ever turbocharged F1 car in 1977, the French brand has experienced a tide-like sequence of highs and lows, from championship glory to a very public row with a certain engine customer.

While Renault has been in and out of F1 several times over the past five decades, with various stints as a constructor, other periods as an engine manufacturer, and even some time away from the sport, it has established itself as one of the most successful brands in the sport’s history. Over the years Renault has won two constructors’ championships and two drivers’ championships and taken a total of 35 race victories as of March 2023. That number inflates massively if you take into account the brand’s influence as an engine supplier. In total, 12 constructors’ titles have been won by Renault powered cars alongside 11 drivers’ crowns, and Renault engines have flown to 169 race wins during partnerships with Lotus, Williams, Benetton and Red Bull.

So there’s plenty of history among the Renault catalogue of F1 cars, but aside from the results and the success, there’s something far more pressing I want to sort out here, and that’s which Renault F1 car looks the best. Over three very distinct eras of racing as a constructor, Renault has produced a varied array of livery designs. But which is best? Let’s run down our picks.


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