MAY 24th 2015

Cars That Rock the Spa Classic: 'Tic‑Tac' Porsche 962

Dane Henrik Lindberg is truly a man after our own hearts. Not only does he own the immaculate Porsche 962 you see here, but his stable also boasts a Lancia LC2, Spice C1 and a Porsche 935. And that’s just for starters …


He acquired the distinctive Tic Tac liveried car you see here at the Spa Classic ‘about 6 years ago’ and assures us that the car has only ever carried these colours. Having raced originally in the European Interserie racing series it was bought and raced by Group C scrutineer Nigel James after some time in storage.

Spa Classic

‘Sadly it’s not competitive in this field, with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz C11 and the Nissans. They have newer technology’ he tells us. ‘There is no fuel restriction here at Spa and compared to those cars the 962 has very little torque anyway. But just to drive a 962 around Spa is an amazing experience.’ Hard to imagine a Porsche 962 with something like 675bhp as lacking in performance. ‘But my 935 has more like 740bhp!’ Henrik adds with a smile.

Spa Classic

As you can see, the standard of presentation by Birmingham-based firm Xtec Engineering on the complex machine is superb, and it’s not that common for a 962 to wear the same branding all its life. It’s just a shame that we’re unlikely to see it challenging at the sharp end of the field. Mind you, at a circuit where fuel restrictions apply, the old girl will still give the newer cars some cause for concern.

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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