Video: Awesome Aston Martin DP214 on board at Sebring

03rd January 2017
Ethan Jupp

We’re big fans of the Aston Martin DP214. It's a regular at Goodwood, lending a wedge of elegance to grids that aren't in short supply. It’s no less a serious sports racing car for its good looks either. 

You can imagine our delight when we heard one would be taking part in festivities at the recent HSR Classic Sebring 12 Hours. A familiar face often found at our home circuit was welcome when away across the pond. Watch, in the on board video above, as this stunning (if a little sickly) DP214 sings its way around Sebring alongside a gorgeous BMW 2002, a howling Porsche 914/6 and a monstrous Ferrari Daytona.

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