Video: How to drive Bruce McLaren's own M6A

01st November 2017
Adam Wilkins

As if the sheer brutality and noise of this on-board footage of the McLaren M6A isn't spine-tingling enough (make sure your speakers are turned up for the full effect!), Dickie Meaden's narrative of what makes this car so special brings the point home.

As he explains, the M6A is the car the gave McLaren the foothold to dominate Can-Am racing, winning the championship in 1967 in the hands of team owner Bruce McLaren himself. Is there anything sums up the "another era" feeling than the fact that one man was in charge of design and development – and also driving his creation faster than anyone else could? This first car was taylor-made for Bruce and therefore has a shorter wheelbase than the later cars built for taller drivers.

If the history paints a picture, the sight and sound of the M6A tackling Donington Park is something else altogether. An intoxicating, indulgent experience that's shared in this video.

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Video: How to drive Bruce McLaren's own M6A

01st November 2017


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