Video: How to pass 12 cars in one race at Daytona

22nd December 2022
Ben Miles

Jump to 2.37 in this video and you’ll see what it’s like to start a race staring at the entire field stretched in front of you. It makes even 15th position seem a very long way away when you’re languishing in 26th.

But, a two-by-two rolling start into the first few corners at Daytona almost guarantees the mother of all concertina effects, bringing that large gap ahead down further and further as everyone brakes.

That’s where we find oueselves. In a Porshce 911 GT3 Cup car attacking one of Historic Sportscar Racing’s sprint races at the Classic 24 at Daytona. Ahead you’ll see other 911s, Daytona Prototypes, LMP3 cars and more, all with a headstart over our driver.

But, with a little determination you can use that jumble of cars ahead to your advantage. Now you can pass a few cars that get themselves into bother, and then try to gradually pick up more as the race progresses. Eventually we’ll manage to finish a full 12 places clear of where we started. If you scroll through the gallery above you will find the second part of the race as well.

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