Video: Keanu Reeves’ Brawn documentary trailer details a legendary F1 story

03rd November 2023
Simon Ostler

The wave of motorsport-focused entertainment continues to provide, and while we wait for films like Ferrari and Road to Le Mans to celebrate their respective releases in the next couple of months, Keanu Reeves is almost ready to ask the difficult questions about ‘the impossible Formula 1 story’.

The Brawn documentary has been in the making for a while now, and this trailer is our first proper look at what we can expect when the four-part series drops on 15th November. In it we see footage of that remarkable 2009 F1 season, commentated over by Jonathan Legard, and there are interviews with all the major players from that year.

Keanu sits down with the man who made it all happen, Ross Brawn, the man who reaped all of the rewards as a result, Jenson Button, and a host of others including Rubens Barrichello, Christian Horner and Bernie Ecclestone.

In it, we can expect to hear the story of that 2008/9 winter when the Honda team withdrew from F1, only for Brawn to famously purchase all of the team’s assets for £1 in time to ensure the car, its drivers and the hundreds of employees at the team would have jobs for the following year.

We can also be sure that there will be plenty of inside gossip on the dynamics within F1 during that period, from the politics of a team that had walked in and started winning out of nowhere, to accusations of rule breaking from the likes of Luca di Montezemolo.

As with all these things it’s difficult to judge how much new information is going to be revealed in Brawn, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless to hear the story told by the people who were most intimately involved.

All four episodes of Brawn will be available on Hulu from Wednesday 15th November.

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Video: Keanu Reeves’ Brawn documentary trailer details a legendary F1 story

03rd November 2023


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