Video: Le Mans winner blasts screaming V10 Pescarolo round Sebring

14th December 2016
Ben Miles

Imagine the moment. You're an LMP2 champion at the Le Mans 24 Hours. You're in the prime of your racing career, and have been given the chance to race a screaming Pescarolo around the iconic but bumpy track at Sebring. You qualify on pole, and launch away from the grid into the lead. Then you're handed a drive-through penalty.

That's the situation that befell Richad Bradley at the start of race one for his class at the Sebring Classic 12 Hour. So eager had the 25-year-old former Formula BMW champion been that he launched from the rolling grid before the green flag had waved and found himself trundling through the pitlane at 35mph after just a couple of laps.

We join the action as a fully fired-up Bradley leaves the pitlane after serving his penalty and dropping out of the lead. So he sets off on a chase to regain the head of the field, but of course it's not that simple. The car he is chasing is not just any machine, but the very car that won Le Mans in 2005.

As usual we're not going to spoil this awesome chase, you can guess that Richard tracks the Audi R8 down, but the white machine is not in a the mood to just let him pass easily –  it's time for all that LMP2 battling knowledge to be used.

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