Video: Two furious LMP1 cars square off inches from the camera

21st February 2017
Ben Miles

Could there be a more intimidating, life-affirming, or spine-tingling sight than that of two mighty LMP1 machines raring to go, tussling for the better position just as they are to begin their race – when you're strapped to the back of the safety car?

That's the sight that begins this video from our friends over at Historic Sportscar Racing, as they look back at the inaugural Sebring Classic 12 Hours that we've told you so much about over the last few months. This is the start of one of the best historic races we witnessed in 2016 – as Richard Bradley's screaming Pescarolo readies itself to line up on pole next to the Le Mans winning Champion Audi R8.

You can see that Bradley is itching to go, squirting the power on the Judd-engined Pesca over and over to get heat into the system and keep himself ready for the off. And it would turn into a titanic battle too, which you can read all about here.

The rest of the video is a brilliant recap of the best action, on board and in the paddocks, of that brilliant weekend, but for us, the entire vid' is worth watching just for that awesome opening.

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