Video: McLaren M9A and Derek Bell reunited at Silverstone

12th July 2017
Ethan Jupp

At Goodwood, we think one of the most special moments a motorsport fan can witness is when a hero driver is reunited with an iconic car from a distant bygone era. We try to make such reunions or special meetings happen as much as possible at our events.

The McLaren M9A featured in the above video is one such spectacular and special machine. Featuring the hand-me-down “shovel” wing and a pioneering all-wheel-drive system, it completed precisely six laps in period in the only race in which it was entered: the 1969 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The driver? One Goodwood great and all-round motorsport legend, Derek Bell. You can guess what comes next. M9A and Derek Bell reunite at Silverstone for one more lap.

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Video: McLaren M9A and Derek Bell reunited at Silverstone

12th July 2017


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