Video: Sébastien Loeb thrashes a 306 Maxi round a rally stage

07th October 2021
James King

What do you get when the greatest rally driver of all time steps back into his Peugeot 306 Maxi? Well, a rev-limiter echoing into the beautiful French Alps for one thing, but mainly we get to see Sébastien Loeb providing the most convincing argument as to why rally drivers are the most talented of them all.

At the beginning of September, the man who won nine World Rally Championships in a row entered the Mont Blanc Rally in his own Peugeot 306 Maxi – a car that holds a dear place in the heart of any ‘90s rally fan. 

Loeb hadn’t driven the car competitively since 2017, however more significantly, he teamed up with his former co-driver, Daniel Elena, for the first time since their split in March.

Even though this event is a bit of fun for the pair, it’s clear to see that Loeb isn’t holding back as he skips from corner to corner. Never change. Never change.

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