Video: This is the meatiest Mustang sound you’ve heard

17th March 2023
Ben Miles

Mustangs make a pretty good noise right? Well, we reckon we’ve found one that sounds even better than the rest, and is being given what amounts to nothing less than an absolute shoeing around the awesome, and now sadly lost, Pukekohe raceway in New Zealand.

Driven by a 17-year-old (yep, 17) this 1969 Mustang is a heavily modified period racer with an engine that sounds like it was only recently freed from from the workshops of hell.

So it is astonishing just how calm everything seems behind the wheel. Pukekohe’s car racing track (as it was based at a horse racecourse) has a few extremely long corners, the kind on which a historic racing car, especially one blessed with a monstrous V8, would normally start to try and cut loose.

But somehow everything seems totally sorted for young Nathan Anderson, who is the epitome of calm as he manages to see off a lap in under a minute.

Our favourite feature – and we’ve watched this video at least 20 times already, is the giant, way oversized gearstick with which Anderson is selecting his next cog. It seems to have an incredibly satisfying throw, and watching the youngster go through the gears becomes weirdly hypnotic. Don’t believe me? Well, just watch the video…. and then do it again. It’s only a minute long.

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Video: This is the meatiest Mustang sound you’ve heard

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