Video: Watch Fangio jump from a 300 SL into a 250F for an epic test

28th December 2016
Ben Miles

Imagine if it happened today. Sebastian Vettel arrives to test his Italian team's latest F1 machine, and he's presented with a crumbling strip of tarmac surrounded by weeds twice the height of the car. He'd walk away faster than you can say 'risky'.

That is exactly what happened in the run up to the 1957 world championship. This time your four-time World Champion is the great Juan Manuel Fangio and the Italian F1 team is Maserati and as you can see above Fangio stepped into the now-iconic 250F and slung it around the insanely tight and bumpy track.

The footage from Duke is astonishing. Ride with the great Argentinian as he hurls the beautiful Maser around the short track, sliding out of every corner and barely blinking as he moves inches from those barely believable weeds. Oh, and he and his wife arrive directly onto the track in a beautiful Mercedes-Benz 300 SL convertible. Could there be anything cooler?

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