8 cars we want to see in Forza

28th October 2022
Ethan Jupp

Forza Horizon always seems to get the best cars added to its roster the earliest, though there’s always room for more. We thought we’d come up with a list of machines we hope to see added to the Forza games – be that Horizon 5 or the upcoming Motorsport reboot – in the coming months. From hypercars to commercial vehicles, take note Playground Games…


Aston Martin Valkyrie

What has to be one of a few vying for title of ‘hypercar of the moment’, the Aston Martin Valkyrie sports a lusty 11,000rpm V12, F1 and Le Mans-style aero and drop-dead spectacular looks. It really does feel like a ‘McLaren F1’ moment in the history of the hypercar, that is every bit the bedroom wall pinup. So why isn’t it on Forza? Sort it out guys…

Photography by Jordan Butters.

Photography by Jordan Butters.

GMA T.50

Likewise, the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, with its screaming V12 and manual transmission, would be a boon on the roads of Guanajuato. Much sleeker and more traditionally beautiful than the Valkyrie, the T.50 trades the aggressive aero for a fan at the back that bullies the air under and around it. Get it on the game and make sure the fan is working.


Koenigsegg CC850

Cars like the Koenigsegg CC8S made the original Forza games so cool, giving us access to the cars we’d only previously seen for ten minutes during a segment on Top Gear, or in the pages of magazines. Plus, Forza Horizon is all about putting dream cars in idyllic climes, right? Imagine the photos you could get with beautiful new Koenigsegg CC850. The new manual gearbox will add a dimension of enjoyment for wheel players – a no brainer to join the Forza roster.


Pagani Utopia

All the reasons we stated for the Koenigsegg, are true for the new Pagani Utopia. For us dreamers that don’t even get to configure ourselves a Utopia, getting it on Forza will sate our desires, as the old games did back in the day with the Zonda. It too has a manual transmission and will look like a piece of art brought to life in Forza’s high-fidelity style.


Ferrari Roma

Okay, away from the really, really silly stuff, Forza Horizon games have always been best enjoyed in grand touring cars. So why isn’t one of Ferrari’s most beautiful in recent times on there? The Roma’s stunning curves and lines would be the perfect canvas to reflect the Mexican sunshine. A perfect cruiser for exploring the map, with power to get out of shape if you fancy a bit of sideways action up the mountain. Let’s see it soon!

Photography by Joe Harding.

Photography by Joe Harding.

McMurtry Speirling

A bit of a left-field one but, for sure, one the competitors on Forza would enjoy. The McMurtry Spéirling monstered our Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard competition Hillclimb record earlier this year. Imagine what it could do on Forza? Again, we’d have to see the fans working, because that’s what makes it so fast, but what a cool thing this would be in the virtual world. Especially given its performance makes you question whether someone hit fast forward in real life…


Ford Electric SuperVan

One of the most spectacular and crazy vehicles at this year’s Festival of Speed was the Ford Electric SuperVan, a floor-hugging Transit with its sides hewn out for aero purposes, and 2,000PS (1,470kW) of electric motors. Yes, Rimac power in a Transit van. It smoked all four wheels off the line with Le Mans legend Romain Dumas behind the wheel and travelled at frankly unbelievable speeds up the Hill. How unbelievably fun would this be on Forza?

Photography by Toby Whales.

Photography by Toby Whales.

Renault 5 Prototype

From a 2,000PS electric van, to a concept car previewing the future of the small French car. The Renault 5 Prototype is an example of a concept that gets absolutely everything right. It looks so good. In the absence of a production car (to be revealed), we’d love to see this on Forza, to broaden the range of vehicles you can get. A seriously cool little thing.

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