Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 adds F1 map

08th August 2022
Ethan Jupp

What is the next game coming soon that you might expect to see an F1 circuit appear on? Forza Motorsport? Perhaps a next-generation Project Cars, or Assetto Corsa? Well, you expected wrong. A version of the Marina Bay street circuit, where the Singapore Grand Prix is held, will appear as a playable map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and feature as one of the first maps playable in the pre-release multiplayer beta.


Yes, you read that right. Call of Duty. Because sim players aren’t frustrated enough at the lack of officially sanctioned F1 tracks and cars on games outside of the dedicated F1 titles. Of course, because it’s CoD, don’t expect to be driving. Instead, cars zooming around the track will be decorative furniture while you engage in close quarters battle with people all over the world, many probably too young to be playing the game.

By the looks of the trailer, fighting will take place in the pits – which are seen to be a bit on fire – and around the grounds of the circuit. We see cars poking out of garages and even a definitely unlicenced, definitely not a Mercedes, AMG GT-ish course car. As for the racers themselves, they appear to resemble a mixture between 2017 F1 cars and recent Formula 2 cars, with a large shark fin – much reduced in more recent years – in combination with the current halo safety device. Of course, these cars are also entirely fictitious and unlicenced. We look forward to seeing what the map is like when the beta drops and indeed, when the game is released come the end of October.

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