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JUN 13th 2023

Michael Scott

How Jack Miller helped steal MotoGP from the Japanese

The shift in technical influence in MotoGP over the past five years has been an about-face. Aside from a single blip in 2007, the first year of the short-lived 800cc MotoGP formula when Casey Stoner and Ducati caught the rest napping, the sport was dominated by Japan ever since 1974.

This held true in the two-stroke era, and continued into four-stroke MotoGP. Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki between them claimed every single Constructors’ championship, with proprietorial ease. Until 2020. It was then that Ducati, after 18 years of effort and some very mixed results, came into their own. The Bologna Bullets have forced the pace in all areas: horsepower, aerodynamics and chassis-calming mass dampers. And the so-called “shape-shifting” suspension, that raises and lowers the centre of gravity while cleverly side-stepping rules that outlaw active suspension.


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