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JAN 18th 2021

Damien Smith

Sportscar racing is set to boom

Boom and bust cycles. They’re something of a cliché when it comes to endurance sportscar racing, but like all clichés there’s a reason why we can’t avoid them. Somehow more than in any other form of motorsport, we’ve seen the quality of grids and the level of competition at the Le Mans 24 Hours – the endurance race that matters beyond any other – spike and then plunge all too regularly through the decades. Manufacturers come, they go, rules change and they come back again. And repeat.

Now, after several years in the doldrums (at least in terms of the top-line premier class), a fresh wind is blowing that promises to carry Le Mans, the World Endurance Championship and IMSA in the US into a new golden era. The big car makers are coming back again, thanks to a sensible and historically significant set of technical regulations that will finally unify the varying codes of premier division sportscar racing on both sides of the Atlantic. The only downside is we’ll have to wait a while before that wind really picks up and fills those sails.


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