Video: Australian Racing truck racing is the most extreme sport

21st August 2023
Simon Ostler

We’re huge fans of truck racing here at GRR, can you blame us? There can be nothing more spectacular than one of these Australian Super Trucks absolutely sending down the inside, sparks flying from the brakes as it skitters over the grass, tyres absolutely howling.

The understeer is catastrophic, as is the cloud of carbon emissions left in the wake of this field of six enormous racing trucks, so thick is the smog that we had to count twice. We can only imagine what a day at the Super Trucks smells like.

It’s non-stop action for every second of this ten-minute barnstormer. Trucks are side-by-side everywhere you look, and seeing a vehicle with such heft suffer a snatch of oversteer under acceleration is utterly glorious. Trucks like this look absolutely incredible in a racing setting.

It’s completely crazy, a little bit archaic, and ultimately terrifying, but there is nothing else like this kind of truck racing, and we’re so happy there are still enough people around to put on such an entertaining spectacle, even if it could do with cutting down on those emissions somewhat…

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