Video: How crazy is a mid-pack visorcam at night at the Dubai 24?

22nd February 2017
Ethan Jupp

Time, we think, to show some appreciation for our motorsport-loving friends in the land of the rising sun, and what more iconic Japanese motorsport and performance car name than Nismo? 

Far from a mere body kit proprietor or tuner, Nismo has been taking Nissan’s venerable performance models to the track for the best part of thirty years. Responsible for such animals as the Calsonic R32 GT-R, R390 GT1 and near-on priceless road-going machines as the R34 Z-Tune and more recent finely-honed versions of the R35 GT-R, Nismo is a performance and motorsport force to be reckoned with. In the video above we find ourselves aboard a 370Z GT4 blasting around a dark Dubai Autodrome in a congested 98-car grid, with higher-spec machinery all around. Safe to say Romain Sarazin and the sonorous 370 held their own against the traffic rather well. 

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