Video: Sean Edwards's night-racing masterclass in Dubai

11th January 2017
Ben Miles

This weekend sees one of the now traditional openers to the motorsport year take place – the Dubai 24 Hour. The 2016 edition will be the 12th running of the Middle East's premier endurance event and will be used by several GT3 manufacturers as a warm up for the upcoming, and intense, season.

While Dubai's state-of-the-art circuit is largely lit through the night at the 24, the video above should serve as the perfect demonstrator of just how difficult night racing can be. Join the much missed Sean Edwards in his 911 GT3 R as he begins his night stint during the 2011 event. He is immediately battling heavy traffic, dispatching some of the amazing variety of machinery that the Dubai 24 Hour brings out to race.

The video is 25 minutes long, but the action is relentless. Rather than having the kind of performance differential that LMP1 cars enjoy over their GT rivals at Le Mans, Sean's GT3 spec 911's advantage is relatively slight, leading to a masterclass in traffic management. It's a brilliant watch, a great setup to the race this weekend, and a poignant reminder of the talented driver we lost in 2013.

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