Video: Unreal drifting skills in a pair of savage Mustang monsters

21st December 2023
Russell Campbell

The Ford Mustang – a car not famed for its daintiness – doesn’t seem like an ideal drift car. Looks can be deceiving, as Vaughn Gittin Jr. demonstrates (with much enthusiasm) in this video, as he shreds rubber on the way up North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains. They're now even smokier...

As a well-trained ear will tell you, Gittin’s machine is no stock Mustang. The video’s microphone interference alludes to the supercharger – a big one – hidden under the bonnet that helps his Ford pump out 750PS (552kW). We can only imagine how good it sounds in person. Upgrades also include RTR coilovers, Ford Performance springs, Aero 7 monoblock forged wheels, not to mention a whole host of visual upgrades covering everything from a wide body to a rear diffuser.

The resulting upgrades should make the Mustang a much easier car to get to – and control – on the limit; for sure, Gittin Jr seems to have no issues with either, holding the car in formation with partner Chelsea DeNofa’s car. Throw in some fancy camera work, a decent soundtrack and an outrageous day-turns-to-night light show, and we have what seems like a fitting send-off to 2023.

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Video: Unreal drifting skills in a pair of savage Mustang monsters

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