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OCT 25th 2019

Gary Axon

10 cars with anniversaries in 2019 – that aren’t the Mini

If you’ve been mystified this year why Goodwood – plus almost every significant motoring event across the planet – has featured the classic, original and highly influential Mini in all of its many incarnations (BMC, Austin, Morris, Rover et al), just in case you’ve been napping, the minimalist Alec Issigonis masterpiece of packaging has turned 60 this year.

One of the greatest and most important motor cars of all time, the Mini is arguably the stand out car launched in 1959. Although the Mini has been the main focus of attention for its 60th birthday this year, however, the innovative Issigonis city car isn’t alone, as it is one of a number of other memorable 1959 motoring debutants now all old enough to apply for a bus pass!

Here are just ten examples of the other cars introduced 60 years ago that have been rather overlooked this year as the Mini has (understandably) hogged the limelight.


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