SEP 26th 2014

Classified Combo: 1941 Ford Western Flyer and Indian Chief

In a complete departure from last week’s racey Gallic couple, this week we’re going Stateside to kick the tyres of a couple of highway cruisers.

First up is this simply awesome 1941 Ford Western Flyer . Supposedly one of only three built and modified by the splendidly-named Howdy Ledbetter, this could well be one of the coolest vehicles we’ve laid eyes upon, anywhere.

Classified combo indian ford motorcycle capture220140926It’s fully equipped for touring and comes with a gargantuan Ford V8. That it won an award first-time-out at a GoodGuys event is as firm an endorsement as to how cool it is as you could need. $150,000 may sound like a lot, but then again, find another one. We can’t stop looking at it!

So, with the principle vehicle for your tour of the west coast secured, you’re going to want something slightly more manageable for trips into town, or perhaps run alongside the Flyer to see just how cool it looks on the open road. On to a simple trailer we’d roll this 1946 Indian Chief .

Classified combo indian ford motorcycle $_57 (10)20140926The trailer would of course need to be of the open variety in order for people to see that your taste in motorcycles matches your taste in art deco motorhomes. At $26,000 it’s still a lot for a bike, but… just look at it!

With your west coast tour complete, simply load up the combo’ on to a ship in Long Beach and then bring it to Revival. Can you imagine the crowds if these two turned up?!


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