Meet India's first hypercar: Vazirani

27th September 2018
Andrew Evans

Earlier this year Goodwood played host to the unveiling of India's first supercar. It's called theVaziraniShul, and it was unveiled on the Michelin stand at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard.


The Shul is an electric vehicle, using four in-wheel motors to drive the car. There's no performance figures available at the moment, with the car in a concept phase for now. However, we do know that it carries an on board generator in the shape of a jet turbine.

Vazirani has worked to make the turbine compatible with regular pump fuel, so you will need to fill it up from time to time. However the turbine doesn't directly drive the wheels, so it's not like an ordinary range extender engine. It allows the Shul to generate additional power when required, without draining the range.

Also with the range in mind, Vazirani has employed significant quantity of composite materials throughout. It's based around a carbonfibre tub, which should bring benefits to handling as well as range.


The car is the brainchild of Chunk Vazirani. Vazirani himself has worked in design for Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce, but for the Shul he has set up his own eponymous company in Mumbai. However it's likely that, despite the Indian origins, Vazirani will build the car in the USA – likely in California, where Vazirani graduated from the Art Center.

Curiously, despite Vazirani's design credentials, he isn't the car's designer. That honour goes to Kazunori Yamauchi, the producer of the Gran Turismo series of video games. Indeed the car bears a number of nods to the game, with a Gran Turismo logo ahead of the turbine exhaust, and a plaque reading "Shul – Inspire Gran Turismo".

Vazirani also received backing from the Force India F1 team, and carries decals ahead of the rear wheels with the team's name and logo.

It's not the finished article yet, but Vazirani will continue to develop the car towards market

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