The BMW M4 Heritage Edition is a colourful tribute to M Sport’s past

04th September 2019
Bob Murray

Go-faster stripes have rarely gone faster, or meant more to people who love to drive, than the blue, purple and red of BMW’s M Motorsport. The colours have adorned plenty of great cars since the mighty 3.0 CSL “Batmobile” was among the first to use the distinctive logo and colours, and it is in recognition of that heritage that the latest M car for the road is announced today.


It’s the M4 Heritage edition. There are just 75 of them for the UK and you can have one in any colour you like – as long as it is either blue, purple or red, that is.

It fits into a long and often distinguished line of special M-car limited editions, and it’s all about the colour and trim rather than mechanical or aerodynamic upgrades. It doesn’t just get the M Sport stripes – neatly embedded into the carbon-fibre composite roof – and plenty of M badges, the car itself is actually only available in one of the logo’s three colours.


Officially the colours are Laguna Seca Blue, Velvet Blue metallic (the purple one), and Imola Red. Each is matched to an interior that’s truly striking, with bicolour leather and contrast stitching… but most of all with really tasty looking seats with open sections in the super-shapely backrests.

The inside also gets carbon trim, lots more M logos and flashes of blue, purple and red, and a numbered plaque. Of the 750 M4 Heritage models to be built, 75 of them are heading for the UK. All are powered by the standard M4’s 450PS (444bhp) running gear.


The two-door coupe looks for inspiration for its upgrade to BMW Motorsport’s M4 DTM touring car, in line with the Heritage edition’s role as a celebration of  BMW’s motorsport past.

Price? No word yet. For diehard BMW fans such an opportunity to show their true colours may well be priceless…

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