The 968 L’Art is a retro-futuristic one-off

03rd October 2021
Bob Murray

Believe it or not, there’s a Porsche 968 lurking under this svelte speedster vision in green. Talk about pimp my Porsche!


It’s official too: the result of a collaboration between Porsche and the Parisian fashion label L'Art De L'Automobile whose founder, the appropriately named Athur Kar, wanted to make a statement for Paris Fashion Week. This is the 968 L’Art. 

Arthur Kar’s idea was to bring out in a contemporary way all the retro flavour of Porsche’s 1990s front-engined coupe while also showing how art and the automobile go together. You have to agree it’s a pretty cool looking thing.

It was created in Paris over 18 months. The coupe’s roof came off and a speedster-style windscreen was grafted on, along with signature cues from the classic Porsche Speedster of old. The shape has been smoothed out to bar-of-soap slipperiness, but there’s still plenty of 968 character here – see the distinctively flared rear guards – along with the high-tech detailing and new lights. Bit of a shame the pop up headlights had to go, though. 

It’s pretty cool inside, too. Recaro provided the seats, TAG Heuer the stopwatch on the dashboard, and Bose contributed a custom-designed audio system.


And what about that colour? Arthur Kar developed the shade of green specially for the project, so don’t go asking for your Porsche dealership for it.

All in all an interesting addition to the distinguished ranks of art cars from the car makers over the years. And it’s said to be fully driveable – turn up in this at a Porsche club meet and you’d cause a stir!

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