8 Porsches you should buy this week

25th September 2018
Bob Murray

Porsche is not all about 911s you know. There are lots of other models in its production-car back catalogue that are just as Porsche-delicious to drive but, ahem, rather more affordable to buy these days…


Ahead of the annual Porsche Club of Great Britain Porsches-only sale on 28 September, we thought we’d take a look to see what circa £30k might bag you when you start with a “9” but forget about the “11”…


1958 Porsche Super N 308 diesel tractor, £25-35,000

How to go one up at the farmer’s market: arrive in a Porsche tractor. It’s even air-cooled and this one’s Guards Red, as well as being in a condition more suited to the concours lawn than a muddy farmyard. Ferdinand Porsche switched to tractors after designing the Volkswagen Beetle and his ingenious designs survived a wartime interregnum to be made through the ‘50s. This fully restored example is powered by a three-pot diesel. A living piece of Porsche history.


1968 Porsche 912, £30-35,000

To most people this is a 911 – the body is the same – but hanging out the back is no flat six engine. In keeping with its remit of being a more affordable  entry version of the iconic sports coupe, the 912 was given the 356’s 1,600cc air-cooled flat four with 90bhp, 40 less than the 911. Lighter weight and better handling balance were always 912 strong points, and it would still hit almost 120mph.  This burgundy left-hooker is ex-Californian car with 42,000 miles showing.


1971 Porsche 914/4 £16-19,000

Original and unrestored, this ex-California 914 was dry-stored and forgotten about for 20 years. Now it’s in the UK and recommissioned, its unmolested nature makes it something of a rarity. A joint VW-Porsche project, the targa-topped 914 was originally brought out to replace the 912, against which it made a very modern contrast with its mid-engined junior-supercar looks and handling. This early 914 is powered by VW’s 80bhp 1.7-litre flat-four engine.


1980 Porsche 924 S1 Turbo £20-24,000

Those four oblong air inlets above the front bumper were always the giveaway, that and the NACA duct in the bonnet: this was no ordinary 924, this was the Turbo. And that meant another 45bhp, a 20mph higher top speed, a five-speed gearbox and uprated suspension. Today there aren’t many left – one estimate is 60 in the UK – so this one’s a bit of a rarity, as well as being tip-top after a total ground-up restoration by marque specialists


1983 Porsche 928S automatic, £18-22,000

You didn’t have to be a banker to own a 928 but it must have helped… the first owner of this UK-spec silver-over-black example was the boss of HSBC in Hong Kong, and the second owner the Europe chief of Lehmann Brothers. Ten years after they bit the dust there’s no sign of this 35-year-old, 51,000 miles Porsche suffering the same fate. It’s an S, so with the 4.7-litre V8 pumping out 310bhp and loads of torque. The engine was rebuilt in 2017.


1990 Porsche 944 Turbo, £25-30,000

This UK-supplied 944 should look on the money – it had an engine-out rebuild and bare metal respray just 700 miles ago. With retrimmed seats and other works, the restoration came with bills approaching £40k, reports Silverstone Auctions. It’s Guards Red with grey leather interior. 


1995 Porsche 968 Club Sport, £30-35,000

Walter Röhrl reckoned the 968 Club Sport was the best handling car that Porsche made. He wasn’t alone; the car was universally acclaimed as a driver’s Porsche par excellence and the best possible way for the front-engined four-cylinder family to check out: the CS was the last of the 924/944/968 line. With the same 240bhp as the standard 968, the Club Sport’s sporting prowess is based on stripped-out luxuries and lighter weight along with suspension set-up for the track. This UK car is one of 179 right-hookers and comes with lots of history, all the right bits (Porsche toolkit, all keys and immobiliser fobs, original spare wheel), comfort seats and sunroof options, and a mileage of 61,000.  


And if you really MUST have a 911…

What about a 2.7-litre flat-six out of a ‘70s 911 Carrera? You’ll need the car to go with it, but the motor by itself sounds excellent: rebuilt 5000 miles ago by Gantspeed, used for a time in a project 914, and complete with dyno printout showing 225bhp. At £20-25,000 it’s within our budget…

Well within out budget at the auction is the numberplate A911 WOW. The estimate on that is £10-12,000. Just don’t put it on that 968…

Silverstone Auctions Porsche sale in conjunction with the Porsche Club of Great Britain is being held at the Dallas Burston Polo Club, Southam, CV47 2DL on 28 September.

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