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02nd March 2021
Laura Thomson

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, car sales have overwhelming shifted online, with many manufacturers offering a ‘click and collect’ service, complete with virtual walkarounds and socially-distanced handovers.

But Volvo is perhaps the first to permanently alter its cars sales strategy, with the announcement that its upcoming electric cars will be sold solely online. And with the Swedish manufacturer also revealing its intent to be entirely electric by 2030, it has effectively signalled the end of its conventional showroom model.


Last November, the UK Government confirmed that the sale of cars powered purely by internal combustion engines would be banned from 2030, alongside a ten-point plan designed to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050. And Volvo is determined to lead the charge, with its sights set firmly on the fastest-growing segment in the global car industry.

The aim of the online system is accordingly “to reduce complexity in its product offer, and provide transparent and set pricing models”. The result will be an incredibly easy and convenient purchase process, marketed under the ‘Care by Volvo’ name, which until now has been the name for Volvo’s car leasing ‘subscription’ service.

“The future of Volvo Cars is defined by three pillars: electric, online and growth,” commented Lex Kerssemakers, Head of Global Commercial Operations at Volvo Cars.

“We want to offer our customers peace of mind and a care-free way of having a Volvo, by taking away complexity while getting and driving the car. Simplification and convenience are key to everything we do.”


Visitors to will be able to configure their own electric Volvos or choose from readily available pre-configured models, which removes the complicated and often confusing process of configuration. Physical dealerships will remain responsible for preparing the cars and delivering a comprehensive ownership package, which includes servicing, warranty, roadside assistance, and home charging options.

“Online and off-line need to be fully and seamlessly integrated,” added Kerssemakers. “Wherever the customer is in their journey – online, in a showroom, in a Volvo Studio, or driving the car – the customer experience needs to be top-notch.”

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