Gordon Murray's next supercar is coming this month

07th January 2022
Ethan Jupp

Gordon Murray Automotive has teased the imminent arrival of its next car, to sit alongside the incredible T.50 in its line-up. Due to be revealed on the 27th of January, rumours are swirling about what shape the new car will take.


What’s all but known is that the next car will be called T.33, per patents filed by GMA a few months back and that it will sit below the T.50 in the range as a slightly more affordable model.

In spite of that, the bespoke Cosworth-engineered V12 engine from the T.50 is rumoured to carry over to T.33 in some form or another. Given that engine was a ground-up development by Cosworth for GMA, it would make sense for that expenditure to be spread across two models. Needless to say, anything with a GMA badge is almost a dead cert to conform to a high standard of engineering, lightweight and driver-focused principles.

It’s also expected that a few more – though not too many – T.33s will be built than the 100 T.50s mooted for production. That GMA is opening an all-new Technology Campus in Surrey with a dedicated manufacturing site for the new car two years from now goes some way to substantiating this. The new location in Highams Park, Windlesham, will be the result of a £50 million investment and will alongside manufacturing, feature design, development, heritage, test track and customer facilities.

As for what GMA has said about the upcoming car officially, we have very little other than its description of the car as a Supercar GT, hinting at the possibility of a softer sibling to the highly driver-focused T.50. What it doesn’t indicate is whether T.33 will be any “less” of a car, given GMA refer to the T.50 also as a supercar. Needless to say, all will be revealed on January 27th. Come what may, it’s a safe bet this new car will be a tantalising prospect for supercar enthusiasts.

“I am confident that both our new Supercar and our new home will be game-changers in the UK automotive industry,” Professor Gordon Murray said.

“We will have many important milestones for our HQ over the next two years. But one of the most important will be on 27th January when we reveal the first Gordon Murray Automotive vehicle to be manufactured there. We’re all extremely excited to be revealing such a significant car to the world in just three weeks from now.”

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