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OCT 21st 2022

Gary Axon

The 10 best car facelifts | Axon’s Automotive Anorak

Recently I was stuck in a major weekend traffic jam of epic pre-pandemic proportions on the northbound stretch of the M25, just like the good old/bad old days. Although frustrating, it was a strangely nostalgic moment. Although I could have really done without the delay, the infernal queue was made far more bearable by the car ambling along beside me at a snails pace; a very tidy late Series 2, post-2004 facelift model, 2009 Fiat Multipla. Always a controversial car with marmite styling, the original Series I Multipla of 1998 has universally considered to be a very individual car with a genuinely clever, well considered and spacious interior, but saddled with love or hate styling.


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