11 cars we can’t wait to see in 2023

16th December 2022
Ethan Jupp

While the end of a year is a time for reflection on what’s been, it’s also a time to look forward to what’s to come. Next year looks like it’s going to be an absolutely epic year for cars, of both the internal combustion and electric variety. From an all-new screaming V12 Lamborghini to an all-electric Mercedes G Wagon, here are our motoring hot picks for 2023 we’re most excited to see. 

Porsche 718 RS Spyder

No one can stop banging on about the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS and we don’t blame them. But those who have had their ear to the ground with such things will know there’s better still to come. Imagine that 4.0-litre 9,000rpm engine, that carbon air box, but with no roof, no wing and possibly, a manual gearbox. A Boxster fitting that description has been spotted testing at the Nürburgring – albeit minus confirmation of a stick and three pedals – and we absolutely cannot wait to see, hear and drive it. We’ll call it the 718 RS Spyder for now because let’s face it, that’d be an awesome name for what promises to be an awesome car.


2. Kia EV9

Kia’s EV assault continues in 2023, and the bods at the South Korean marque have told us next year is the year of the EV9. Due to be revealed in Q1, there will be a slow rollout throughout the year of what is expected to be a flagship electric SUV. We love the EV6 here at GRR and that love extends to pretty much anything riding on the E-GMP platform, so we expect the EV9 will be great too. It’s already been previewed in a concept and promises to be a sturdier, more upright-looking proper SUV.

3. Lamborghini Aventador replacement

One of the biggest ones of next year for car fans will be the passing of the Lamborghini V12 batton, a once-in-a-decade event. The Urus might be the big seller but it’s the Aventador’s successor that is tasked with safeguarding the integrity of Lamborghini going forward. We know it will be a hybrid with an all-new higher-revving V12 and pack upwards of 800PS (588kW), though whether it will utilise a supercapacitor system that’s a development of that found in the Sian and Countach, remains to be seen. It’s certainly likely it’ll be a plug-in, to go toe-to-toe with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Most important though and what is yet to be known, is what it’ll look like. Somewhere between the Sian, the Terzo Millennio, and the Aventador is what we expect, with the Y-shaped lighting accents sure to be present front and rear and prominent twin intakes evident on the side, what we do love is the high-up exhaust placement. The low item on the original LP700 looked awkward following the dishy Murcielago in 2011. We await the next raging bull with baited breath.


4. Aston Martin DBS

Lesser-known, though much promised, is the overhaul of Aston Martin’s GT range. Tobias Moers made big promises of a heavily revised lineup during his premiership of the British marque and what relief, the V12 is said to live on. We know they need a massive update when it comes to interior tech and we know their dynamics could do with tightening up in the face of evermore fierce Italian and German competition. We also know there’s enormous potential in these cars, so we’re extremely excited to see what’s in store, especially as this will likely be the final flourish for Aston Martin GT and sportscars as we know and love them.


5. Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

On the other end of the spectrum, could 2023 be the year EVs come into their own in the eyes of car enthusiasts? Hyundai hopes to lead the charge, with a hot N version of its Ioniq 5. We know from having driven the Kia EV6 GT recently that this E-GMP platform is good for at least 585PS (430kW) and 740Nm (546lb ft) of torque, so power is not the concern. What we want to know is whether this will actually be an engaging driver’s car, because while it has the performance to ripple the very tarmac it drives on, the EV6 GT is no driver’s tonic. The hard work is still to be done, in getting car enthusiasts to trade pumps for plugs, cylinders for motors, and to do so, they have to be as good as or better than what came before, a remit not so simple to meet with raw power. There's talk of synthesised sounds and simulated gear shifting, so we're curious to find out more.


6. Renault 5

Still, as Hyundai knows with the standard Ioniq 5, compelling styling goes a long way towards our affections too. Renault is soon to capitalise in a similar fashion, with the new Renault 5 EV, previewed in the simply stunning prototype almost two years ago now. That means we can expect the real thing, the car that we’ll be buying, in 2023. This is especially important to me because, on first seeing the prototype, I proclaimed I’d buy one if the production car ended up looking as good as that. Other ill-advised financial decisions have prevailed since that proclamation, so it’ll have to be no less than perfect and at a bargain price, too. Here’s hoping Renault has the next ‘Fiat 500 moment’ on its hands, with an EV that’s as affordable as it is desirable.

7. Porsche Macan EV

Yes, we’re excited for an electric SUV and here’s why. If Porsche is going to turn one of its cars into an EV, don’t you want it to be the SUV? That way there’s a hair’s chance the fantastic petrol-powered 911 can live on. The Cayman is due to join the Macan in all-electric power in 2023 or 2024 but we’re here to predict, the Macan will suit it better. From what we’ve seen, it looks fantastic (for an SUV) too.


8. Audi A6 E-Tron

Audi previewed its executive car future with the A6 E-Tron concepts, in both saloon and Avant guise, and promised production versions, riding on an all-new architecture, that would arrive on the market before too long. Well, before too long has arrived, as we’re expecting to see it hit showrooms in 2023, albeit alongside the current ICE A6 for a short while. It looks great, will no doubt be a lovely place in which to spend time and will do the numbers. Instant power, serene quiet, in an Audi super estate for the future? Yes please.

9. Corvette E-Ray

Don’t worry, we’re not done with petrol power for 2023 just yet. The Corvette E-Ray is expected to arrive next year and is to be the long-anticipated plug-in hybrid version of the long-standing sportscar. It'll combine the single-cam V8 with electric motors for an NSX-aping all-wheel-drive electrified experience in what sounds like a highly compelling meld of past and future. Looks-wise, it’ll combine the Z06 nose, side intakes and low wing with the Stingray rear bumper. Could this be how the small block lives on? We’d love to see it. 

10. Mercedes EQG

There are reasons to be excited by EVs. No they don’t sound great, or sound at all really. No, they’re not light. But they do have party tricks, beyond even their prodigious performance. A case in point will be the new electric Mercedes G-Class, the EQG, which on evidence of the embedded video, will be able to ‘tank turn’ on the spot. Tell us with a straight face that that isn’t cool. It’ll be a laugh and honestly, we reckon an electric powertrain will really suit the G-Class.


11. Alfa Giula SWB Zagato

Finally we end with the upcoming Giulia SWB Zagato. When the rumours were swirling about the Giulia GTAm, there was talk of a two-door ultra-hot version. Ultimately that never came to be, with the doors staying even if the rear seats were taken out. Could this Zagato be that two-door we never got and ultimately, an epic answer to BMW’s recently-revealed 3.0 CSL? We’d put money on the latter, though the former remains to be seen. That it’s a Short Wheel Base is highly promising, though.

So there are our picks of cars we’re most excited to see in 2023. Are there any we’ve missed? Are you going to tell us we’re talking too much about EVs? Let us know your thoughts…

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