2023 Christmas gift guide for car lovers

24th November 2023
Simon Ostler

It’s Christmas! And that means we’re all busy writing out our letters to Santa. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got some great ones for you here, covering a wide range of price points from quick and easy stocking fillers to all-out lottery win extravagance. As a car fanatic, I’d be happy to find any of these under my tree on Christmas morning, which is going on your list?


1. Pagani Utopia Lego Speed Champions set (£19.99)

We’ll start with something attainable. The Pagani Utopia made its dynamic debut at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard in 2023, and now you can own one! In the form of this Lego Speed Champions model.

Now the real car looks a little bit like a very expensive Lego kit, so this blocky version actually achieves quite the likeness. There are even decals for the quad exhausts and headlights. Intended for children (and adults) aged nine and up, the kit is made up of 249 pieces. That ought to keep someone quiet for a couple of hours at least.


2. Volkswagen GTI bumbag (£24.99)

Any style icons out there will want to pay attention to this. Volkswagen has developed a pretty extensive collection of merchandise, with lines for its ID, GTI and R brands. My attention was immediately taken by this infinitely fashionable GTI bumbag, or fanny pack depending on your persuasion.

Part of the GTI range, it’s resplendent with those three famous letters, but also features a set of coordinates, which if you were to follow them would lead you to the exact location where the engine is married to the chassis of Volkswagen’s GTI models. Surely this is the pinnacle of motoring-related merch? If someone you know drives a GTI, your gifting problems are now solved.


3. Land Rover metal construction set (£24.99)

The last of our more affordable selection of gifts is another one that’s perfect for busy hands. If Lego is not your style, and you’d rather have a tool in your hand, then this metal Land Rover model kit might be more like it.

In what is a suitably rugged representation of the Series 1 Land Rover, this 404-piece set is estimated to take between two to four hours to build, which sounds like a challenge. Aimed at ages 12 and up, this looks like a nice bit of (hopefully) chilled-out fun on a dark winter’s evening.


4. Goodwood Race Simulator Experience (£50)

Do you know someone who dreams of racing at the Goodwood Revival? Unfortunately, like many of us that’s probably one of the dreams they’re unlikely to see turn into a reality. They can still experience the thrill of racing competitively at Goodwood though, in the form of the Race Simulator Experience.

A new addition to the Motor Circuit offering in 2023, these race sims are set up and ready to give race fanatics their chance in the limelight to prove their skills against the rest of the world. Not only that, but if they’re actually quite good they’ll win the opportunity to compete for a passenger ride up the Goodwood Hill at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard. Not bad for £50!


5. Remote-controlled 1990 Mercedes C11 1:10 scale model (c. £150)

Right. Let’s up the ante a little bit here and look at a more generous budget. Maybe there’s someone out there you really like who deserves something a little more special. Here’s just the thing. I might even get one for myself.

The more I look at this price, the more it looks like a ridiculous deal. A 1:10 scale remote-controlled model of a 1990 Mercedes C11 Group C car. It measures 490mm in length, 206mm in height and 110mm in width, which means you’ll basically need to park it in the garage. Not sure exactly how fast it goes, but it’s bound to be a lot of fun.


6. Peugeot 9X8 Lego Technic set (£169.99)

This one’s not remote-controlled, but still very cool. Lego Technic is the more complex version of the Speed Champions set showcased above, with more pieces and more details with things like proper suspension and glow-in-the-dark headlights.

There’s a whole collection of these you can buy now, but my favourite is this 1:10 scale Peugeot 9X8, the wingless ground effect Hypercar. The level of detail is brilliant, the engine itself is a complex kit within a kit, and overall there are 1,775 pieces in a project that will probably take days if not weeks to complete.


7. Sterling Silver Green Enamel 4x4 Cufflinks (£355)

If playing with toys isn’t really your thing, then maybe a significant other might fancy a spot of opulence in their stocking. We’re back to the Land Rover theme here, but this time in the form of a charming pair of Sterling Silver cufflinks.

I personally have never quite understood the cufflink. Certainly I’ve never worn a shirt expensive enough to require them, but who am I? Finished in a pretty Green Enamel, these little beauties do look as though they would complement a sharp suit, and no doubt be a nice little conversation starter at a high brow dinner party.


8. Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T (£13,500)

Ok, money is no object now. Coming in at number seven, you have to have brought a £231,600 car to even have the option of purchasing this one. It’s the Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T. That’s right, only owners of the Porsche 911 S/T will be able to purchase one of these. Only 1,963 cars are being built, so this is rather exclusive.

The 911 S/T is a celebration of the 911’s 60th anniversary, and this titanium watch is part of that. It’s a very pretty-looking thing and a substantial statement to those in the know that you’re serious about your 911 ownership. If you’re going to buy the car, surely you have to get the watch as well? I’m not sure how this works if you’re planning to surprise a loved one, I’m sure Porsche will understand.


9. Bentley Blower Junior (£108,000)

Got a child who’s been an absolutely angel this year? They deserve a scale replica of a Bentley Blower. Don’t be stingy now, Christmas is all about the children after all. This is the Bentley Blower Jnr that launched earlier this year, and it’s a fully electric, fully road-legal car with a 61-mile range and a top speed of 45mph.

A joint creation between Bentley and The Little Car Company, the Blower Jnr is possibly the coolest thing of its kind that you can currently buy. There are 99 First Edition models that will be colour-matched to the original car, while every car features authentic engineering including leaf springs and friction dampers, they even feature a supercharger mounting, only it’s used to house the charging apparatus instead.

Well there you have it, eight Christmas gift ideas to help you fill the stockings, or garages, of your favourite car fanatics. Hopefully, we’ve helped to take the stress out of your advent shopping. Which one are you buying?

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