Chevrolet Camaro bows out as sixth-gen production ends

19th December 2023
Ethan Jupp

Chevrolet has officially waved goodbye to the sixth-generation Camaro, with production ending of the critically-beloved coupe. There are not on any official plans for a successive seventh-generation model, with the Camaro name going into retirement for now.


The sixth-generation Camaro was revealed in 2015 with full-scale production and deliveries beginning in 2016 to coincide with the 50th-anniversary of the model. Riding on the General Motors Alpha platform, the outgoing Camaro has been lauded as a highly accomplished performance and driver’s car in its time.

Available in various forms, most notably SS, 1LE, ZL1 and ZL1 1LE at the quicker end of the spectrum, it’s served as everything from boulevard cruiser to Nürburgring-conquering track weapon. It’s formed the basis of numerous stock cars, a GT4 car and an Australian Supercar. In fact, the only thing the Camaro hasn’t been very good at these last eight years, is selling. A famous underperformer, its general competence has proven less appealing to buyers than the raw power and anti-establishment appeal of the Challenger.

That’s at least a part of why it’s not getting replaced but nevertheless, it’ll be remembered warmly by both the public and indeed GM, with the model being described in a statement to Road & Track as “a passion product” that “represented athleticism and composure – exuding confidence on the road and dominance on the track”.


When the end of the Camaro was announced earlier this year, Chevrolet’s Vice President Scott Bell made very clear it wasn’t a permanent benching of the name.

“While we are not announcing an immediate successor, rest assured, this is not the end of Camaro’s story.”

This won’t be the first time the Camaro has left forecourts, with the model going on a seven-year hiatus between the end of F-Body production in 2002 and the introduction of the fifth-generation Camaro in 2009.

Indeed, rivals Ford and Dodge are staying put, so a riposte model from the General is all but certain to return at some point. For now, the new Mustang and the upcoming Dodge Charger will have all the fun. We expect Chevrolet will be observing their sales performance closely.

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