800PS Brabus G63 4x4 is more powerful than a Pagani Huayra

21st February 2023
Ethan Jupp

There’s a car to suit all needs and desires if you look hard enough. Mercedes-AMG G63 not brash, showy or off-roady enough? Get yourself a 4x4 Squared (4x42). Is that not rare, menacing or powerful enough for you? Amazingly, Brabus has you covered. Meet the Brabus 4x4 Squared B40S-800 which, among its quite considerable visual changes, makes incredible gains in power and torque, up to 800PS (588kW) and 1,000Nm (738lb ft) of torque.


Yes, you read that right. This monster mud plugger with its portal axles and thick-walled tyres has the torque of a Pagani Huayra at its disposal, not to mention a smidge more power.

Should you be feeling a touch more restraint on the day it comes to handing Brabus your briefcase full of unmarked bills, a reduced-power and torque version is available in the B40-700. With just 700PS (515kW) and 950Nm (701lb ft) it’s basically Greta-spec. All the gains, large and larger, are made the usual Brabus way – intake, exhaust and turbo tuning.


A huge part of this thing, and Brabus in general, is the visuals, which in this case give a ‘one-second-wow factor no matter where your journey across the uncharted may take you’. To that end, there’s an enhanced front lip, Brabus grille, carbon accenting courtesy of the Widestar, a rear wing and LED spotlights up top.

Brabus insists this isn’t just a bravado machine made for parking outside your secure luxury compound either. Capable of ‘confident performance and pure adventure beyond the beaten path’, optional extras from the Brabus Adventure catalogue for particularly adverse overlanding include a cable winch and roof rack.


What we are quite fond of are the enormous 22-inch Monoblock HD forged wheels, which actually don’t look ridiculous within the beastly 55-profile Pirelli Scorpion tyres. If you could get a G400D in Squared spec, we’d paint it dark green, with a brown interior and stick these wheels on.

Indeed there’s no such old English spec on the interior of this B40S. Quilted leather and carbon abound, the cabin of the Brabus G remains the ideal Romanian Mafioso's boudoir in ‘Squared’ spec. Because even the most extroverted of characters has neighbours they don’t want to wake up, the B40S does come with a ‘Coming Home’ mode, as well as a ‘Sport’ mode for the modified exhaust. As for pricing? Well, let’s just say this is a car you’re more likely to get instead of a Ferrari SF90 than a Range Rover.

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