This is Audi's electric mountain bike

08th March 2023
James Brodie

Audi’s high-performance prowess away from the path less trodden is well-established. In fact, quattro all-wheel-drive is almost as big a brand as the marque itself. So Audi’s latest off-road product is very much a venture into the unknown. No quattro to be found here – this is a two-wheeled development. 


Yes, perhaps unsurprisingly given the number of naff lifestyle optional extras premium and luxury brands offer these days, Audi has joined those swelling ranks with an electrified mountain bike that can be bought via its Genuine Accessories division.

Simply called the Audi electric mountain bike powered by Fantic, Audi claims that this new bike is inspired by its Dakar Rally racer, the all-electric RS Q e-tron E2. The full-suspension Audi bike, with 180mm of travel, is suitable for touring and enduro riding, but is most at home on the steep, rough and treacherous trails downhill riders prefer to challenge themselves on. 

Wide tyres with off-road tread are joined by an enduro frame made of aluminium, which integrates a 36-volt battery pack. It provides power to a 250w motor which can produce up to 90Nm of torque. 


From that torque, four levels of assistance are offered: Eco, Tour, Sport and Boost, ramping up the level of electrical shove depending on the mode selected, for assisted cruising or electrical help getting up steep hills. A small, digital display provides battery charge and speed data.

And the cost? £8,499, making it a whole £11,261 cheaper than the most basic version of the A1 supermini. Though we’d wager, the bike will probably go further off-road.

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