New hybrid Renault Clio gets an Alpine spec

21st April 2023
Ethan Jupp

Renault has revealed the latest version of its long-serving Clio supermini. More a heavy facelift of an existing platform than an all-new car, it certainly looks the part and brings an all-hybrid line-up along with further evidence of the previously exclusive Alpine operation bleeding into standard Renaults, at least in terms of style.


First of all, doesn’t it look fantastic? We don’t see a bad angle on the aggressive and sharp new face, featuring Renault’s new design language. The main light units are slim and technical, yet simple in shape, while DRL LED blades bleed down into the bumper, making for a distinctive night time look.

Running rearwards of the A-pillar is where the really extreme changes end. The basic window line, hip line and overall silhouette is unchanged, which is no bad thing given the Clio wasn’t exactly an egregious-looking thing before. There’s a new set of rear lights, a bit more faux aero and some rather nice new diamond-cut 17-inch wheels on higher trims. The whole thing is capped off with the new retro-modern Renault badge.


There’s not a huge amount of change on the inside either, though there are new seven-inch and nine-inch horizontal displays for the driver and infotainment respectively. The layout is similar – save for the new badge – as are the essential controls but everything’s now just a bit more modern. 

On the ‘Esprit Alpine’ spec cars, you’ll find a nice sporty seat with the distinctive ‘A’ included, along with faux carbon material mixed with modal, a sustainable material. On the subject of the Alpine spec, the aero blade on the nose and big wheels are typical of it too. That’s the top of three trim levels, with Standard and Techno coming in underneath.

In terms of powertrains, there’s a bit more change afoot. There is no pure petrol engine any more, meaning all Clios will be hybrids from here on out. The full hybrid E-Tech powertrain features 14 different ways to optimise energy efficiency. 


When it starts, it’s electric and is so for up to 80 per cent of the time in urban environments. That results in a reduction of fuel consumption of up to 40 per cent. Though Renault don’t specify, the battery capacity is said to be ‘the largest of the city car segment’, which truthfully isn’t saying a huge amount. CO2 emissions start at around 93g/km, while the relatively potent powertrain also allows the 62mph sprint in under ten seconds. Prices start from around £22,000.

So what do you think of the new Renault Clio? Is it a bit pointless, with the Renault 5 EV on the way? Or is it the perfect still-stylish electrified stepping-stone for those who aren’t ready? Based on first impressions, we’re in the latter camp.

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