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Updated: FEB 05th 2021

Bob Murray

Rare Porsche 928 sells for £130k

There might have been no NEC Classic Car Show this year – blame you-know-what for that – but the traditional auction did go ahead, in COVID-friendly online form. Silverstone Auctions ran the show over two days and, as usual for this sale, cars came in all shapes, sizes and prices, from a £3,000 Citroën Ami to half-million pound Aston Martin DB4 and Maserati 3500GT. In what was perhaps a sign of the times, the Ami sold but the Aston and Maserati didn’t…

Nevertheless almost eight out of 10 cars did sell, netting £8 million in total and leading Silverstone Auctions to hail it as a huge success, helped along by big interest in the sale of Stirling Moss memorabilia. Two of the biggest-ticket cars were a BMW M1 (£382,500) and a 1982 Renault 5 Turbo Group 4 racer (£337,500), while there was no shortage of interest in the multitudes of Merc SLs, fast Fords, BMW M3s and 911s at five-figure prices. Here are eight cars from the sale that stand out for us…


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