A new Lamborghini Countach is coming

09th August 2021
Bob Murray

It’s the new-model teaser story to end them all: Lamborghini to build a new Countach. And it’s true. That angular wedge of supercar drama – the ultimate 1970s poster car – is being reborn in Sant’Agata and the new one could be with us soon to mark the original’s 50th anniversary.

All we have to go on is Lamborghini’s social media message today confirming the news and showing the new Countach under a dust sheet. What can we glean from the lurking shape beneath?


It would appear to be a lot larger than the first Countach (which was only a little over 4m long, despite its longitudinally mounted V12) but just as brutally wedge-shaped. Like the original Marcello Gandini design, the outline is not troubled by the wings of later versions, promising a purity of form to match the still jaw-dropping original.

All the drama then and of course more speed than ever. The Countach in its early days was perhaps not quite as fast as Lambo said it was – it originally quoted 190mph for it – but Lamborghini’s latest technology will ensure this new one really delivers.

There is no confirmation as yet, but speculation centres on the new model using the hybrid V12 powertrain from the Sián, with around 800PS (588kW) for 0-62mph in under three seconds and a top speed of 220mph.


When will we see it? Out guess is soon – maybe during the imminent Monterey Auto Week in California. Lamborghini is clearly keen to tie its unveiling in with the Countach’s 50th anniversary. The replacement for the Miura was first shown as the Lamborghini LP500 concept at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show, though it didn’t go on sale until 1974.

After 50 years every enthusiast must know what Countach means, but in case you don’t… The story is that Gandini’s design was so outrageously dramatic when he first showed it to his boss, Nuccio Bertone, that all Bertone could say was countach! a word in the local Piedmontese dialect for utter astonishment. Prepare to be astonished all over again!

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