Alpine A290: price, specs and release date

03rd April 2024
Russell Campbell

Alpine has confirmed that its hot version of the new Renault 5 E-Tech, the Alpine A290, is set for a debut at the 2024 Le Mans 24 Hours on 13th June. This follows the release of further winter testing imagery showing the car’s development progressing in the Arctic.

The A290 will be the first model in what Alpine is calling its ‘Dream Garage’, which is another way of saying its coming lineup of sporting EVs, which will include the A290, a successor to the A110, a crossover SUV and more.


Alpine A290 EV specs

The latest images show a heavily camouflaged A290 wearing an 'A-Arrow' wrap with the iconic Alpine Blue paint job underneath teased by breaks in the vinyl.

Although it's hard to tell, the production A290 seems to have remained faithful to the stunning design of the A290_B concept car revealed last year. The production car gets the concept's stocky shape, angular body kit and X-style driving lights. Strategically placed black sticky tape suggests the car you can buy will also have fake air vents ahead of the back wheels – a welcome nod to the old, mid-engine Renault 5 Turbo. At 3,990mm long, the Alpine's dimensions split the Abarth 500e and Mini Cooper E in two.


The car was in Lapland to put the finishing touches on its traction and stability control systems, calibrate the power delivery, and test the car on Michelin rubber specifically designed for it. Buyers can choose from Michelin tyres, including Alpin 5 winter rubber, electric-car-specific Pilot Sport EV or high-performance Sport S5 summer tyres.

"The target of this important stage is to confirm the direction we have taken with handling and agility, which is part of our DNA on low grip conditions. To fine-tune its development so that it can be effective in all circumstances and all-weather conditions," said Alpine CEO Philippe Krief.


Alpine will offer the A290 with two power outputs. From launch, you can have a modified version of the 218PS (160kW) electric motor fitted to the Renault Megane E-Tech, translating to 0-62mph in less than seven seconds. In 2027, it will be joined by a mystery motor that will produce close to 270PS (199kW) giving the car a turn of pace current rivals can’t match. A 52kWh battery based on the one in the Renault Zoe will give both models a range of more than 200 miles.

The car will also come fitted with sophisticated torque vectoring that can imitate the understeer-busting characteristics of a mechanical LSD. Braking comes from the same powerful four-pot calipers fitted to the A110 sportscar.


While the outside will stay faithful to the concept's design, inside, the A290 will change dramatically, swapping the show car's three-seat layout (with a central front seat and a two-seat rear bench) for a more conventional four-seater layout. However you will get a suede-covered steering wheel with F1-inspired drive mode buttons, including 'OV' (overtake), 'RCH' recharge and Drive modes.

Alpine A290 EV price and release date

The Alpine A290 will be fully revealed in June, with cars likely on sale before the end of the year. You can expect it to be priced to compete with the £34,000 Abarth 500e and £36,000 Mini Cooper Electric.

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