Alpine lays out EV plans with 242PS A110 prototype

20th July 2022
Ethan Jupp

Alpine’s all-electric future is coming into focus, as the marque gets ready to reveal a piston-free prototype based on the current A110 at the 2022 French Grand Prix. This is the A110 E-ternité, a celebration of 60 years of the marque, while looking ahead at what’s to come.


Described as a rolling laboratory, this is very clearly a familiar-looking car carrying Alpine’s powertrain of the future. The juxtaposition of a lightweight and emotion-filled Alpine packing a heavy and quiet all-electric powertrain isn’t lost on the French sportscar outfit. What is “an unsolvable contradiction” is described as “a challenge worthy of Alpine”. Worthy indeed and essential that it’s solved.

So what have we got? Well, given Alpine is a member of the Renault Group, it’s unsurprising the E-ternité borrows battery modules from the new Mégane E-Tech, which are housed in bespoke casings. At a healthy 392kg, it’s been carefully distributed within those bespoke casings, with four modules going to the front and eight to the rear. The crucial figure you’ll be dying to know is weight. The E-ternité is up 258kg on the standard A110, meaning it still remains under 1,400kg. While 1,378kg is impressive for any EV, Alpine’s target was 1,320 at the kerb.


This prototype also gets its own bespoke two-speed double-clutch transmission to eliminate the usual EV trade-off of acceleration for top speed. Obviously essential in this component was strength to handle the instant torque and as close to zero torque interruption as possible. That said, it’s not the most torquey or powerful motor in this car, with Alpine firmly sticking to the ‘less is more’ mantra. It packs a modest 242PS (178kW) and 300Nm (221lb ft), with 0-62mph possible in 4.5 seconds on the way to a 155mph top speed.

Overall the E-ternité’s 60kWh battery and two-speed transmission, in tandem with those slippery aerodynamics, and relative low weight, deliver quite an impressive 260-mile WLTP-certified range.


On the inside, the E-ternité also gets a new infotainment system in the form of… no infotainment system. Well, a driver-provided infotainment system using your personal tablet using Google or Android. A surprise addition too, is a pop-out roof. Yes, this is the first air-in-your-hair A110, though strictly speaking it’s more a sunroof than anything else.

What do you think of this all-electric Alpine prototype? Is this an encouraging development for the future of the driver’s sportscar? We’re inclined to say yes, though even the sound of the existing car’s four-cylinder turbo will still be missed…

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